Soils in the Hill Country of Texas have been subjected to numerous severe disturbances over the last 150 years. If Mountain Cedars hadn't morphed from trees in forests and woodlands into pioneering thickets of bushy-cedars, our soils would be much more degraded today.

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Boost Rain Infiltration

We have caused most of our soils to become degraded through a series of major disturbances over the last 150 years in the Texas Hill Country. Degraded soils lack organic matter, water, and soil life. Boosting the first two will allow the soil life to increase. Increasing the amount of rain that soaks into the ground will decrease overland flows that lead to erosion and downslope flooding, and enable waters to move deeper will increase karst porosity to increase groundwater storage capacity and movement.

Pioneering Plants Increase Infiltration Over Time

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Construct Contour-Swales