Rethinking the Mountain Cedar, a.k.a. Juniperus ashei

Soils in the Hill Country of Texas have been subjected to numerous severe disturbances over the last 150 years. If Mountain Cedars hadn't morphed from trees in forests and woodlands into pioneering thickets of bushy-cedars, our soils would be much more degraded today.

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5 Different Types of Mountain Cedar Cover--and the roles each plays

For too long we have managed all Mountain Cedars the same way: clearcut when possible. However, not all Mountain Cedars are the same. Three types of cover occur as a normal componet of developing and existing old-growth wooded areas. The other two types of cover act as pioneering vegetation cover.


Tree-cedar overstory

Stick-cedar understory

Dog-hair regrowth


Pioneering thickets for wooded areas

Pioneering thickets for prairies

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